Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Seth's Story Part 1

I have been debating within myself whether to talk about my Mito Kids on Facebook.  I haven't done this because I am more of a private person and do NOT like to be the center of attention or do anything that would bring attention to myself.

After several months of having this inner debate, one word stuck out--attention.  Attention is what this disease needs more of.  What better way to bring attention to this disease with no cure or effective treatment than on FB. 

So, today I break the anonymity and go to the world of FB with my children and their diseases.  I thought it would be best to produce a short video which I will also post here.

It has been a difficult time.  Difficult doesn't give it justice.  It has sucked!  This has been the Summer that can't end soon enough.  August 28th we will know more about Spencer.

Enjoy the video.

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