Sunday, November 23, 2014

One of The Best Days of My Life "Spencer"

 Hello, I am Dean Linne, or to Spencer Coach Linne.  I've known Spencer for several years now coaching him in soccer.  I've always been impressed with his athletic ability and his kindness.

Photo with Spencer  after a soccer tournament October 2014
in Tucson, AZ

  I was there when Newell had to pull Spencer from the track meet.  From that time on, I always asked about Spencer and how he was doing hoping for the day he might be able to return.

 The next year when I was coaching high school soccer it was Spencer's freshman year he wasn't at tryouts.

  I was so disappointed for him because I knew what soccer meant to him, and what his athletic ability would mean to his teammates who missed him.

  I went through that soccer season thinking about him and that he may not return. At the start of the next soccer season which was Spencer's Sophomore year. I was walking up to the boys gathered there for the tryouts, counting the kids and noticing who was there. Then standing in the crowd of  kids was Spencer!!

 I was so happy to see him and be able to talk with and see him there to play soccer again. That day brought tears to my eyes and every time I think about it or talk about it.  I feel that emotion coming back to me as I write this post.

That was one of the best days of my life to see that young man being able to do something again that he loved so much!!

 I wish the best for the Belnap family and I'm grateful for the opportunity I've had to know and coach Spencer.

 Thank you for reading this.

 Dean W Linne

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